Bayside Cottage Rentals

Payment: Once you have booked your cottage, we require a 50% deposit. To guarantee your reservation we ask that we receive the deposit within 10 days of your commitment .  The balance of the cottage rent is due 60 days prior to your arrival along with the security deposit - see below. We will mail you a rental agreement to be signed ~ it will most likely cross in the mail with your check to us for the deposit. We will invoice you for the second installment and send you check -in information at that time. 
We are very sorry but we do not take credit cards.
(If you live other than in the USA we are happy to work with you with regards to the payments and the length of time it will take us to receive them)

Cancellation: If you cancel your reservation -deposits and payments will not be refunded unless the cottage is successfully re-rented to another party for the same time period and at the same amount and confirmed with a deposit.  If we are able to re-rent the cottage after your cancellation a $75.00 processing fee will be withheld from your return payment. 

Check In/Check Out: Cottage Rentals commence on Saturdays AFTER 3:00 PM. 
Check in is between 3:00 & 7:00PM - If you will be arriving other than in this time window you must make arrangements with us several days before your arrival date.
Check out is on Saturday mornings at 10:00 AM.  This schedule must be adhered to in allowing us to prepare the cottage for the next renter.  The cottages need to be "broom clean" with all dishes washed and food items removed.

Quiet Use And Enjoyment: Bayside Cottage Rentals LLC does not guarantee quiet use or enjoyment of the property due to noise from other persons, construction, maintenance, road work, etc. from neighboring properties or municipal areas and will not grant a rebate for circumstances originating outside the property

Amenities: All of our homes are privately owned and amenities vary from cottage to cottage.  The cottages come complete with dishware, pots and pans, appliances, etc.  No food items are provided though some cottages do have spices and a few basics.  We encourage you to leave anything that is perfectly good for the next renter or our cleaners.
Most ~ not all ~  have a TV with VCR or  DVD and most ~ not all ~   If these items are imperative to you - be sure to ask us before you book. There is no cable TV in Bayside. We get just a couple of stations with rabbit ears.  WiFi ~ if it is listed as an amenity it is included, if it is not listed there is no wifi at the cottage.

Sheets and towels: Bring your own sheets and towels. Blankets and pillows are furnished.


Pets: are NOT allowed on the premises of any cottage.  
It's best to leave Fluffy at home but if you bring your pets you can board them locally at:
Pussy's Port O'Call Inc.  - Northport 207-338-6050
Canine Country Club - Northport 207-338-8300
You must reserve ahead as both facilities do fill in the summer.

Security Deposit: A security deposit is required with your second rental installment.  We ask all renters to write a separate check for $300.00. These checks are held by us and providing no damage, additional cleaning or trash removal, your deposit check will be voided and shredded.  Only upon your request will it be returned to you.

Fees and Taxes : All rentals are subject to 9% Maine tax and a  Garbage Fee ~ $20.00  will be added to each rental for the first week and $10.00 for each subsequent week.  Cleaning is included in your rental - we ask you to leave the property the way you found it - do your dishes, sweep, straighten up beds, clean kitchen counters etc. Per the rental agreement we ask you to sign any cleaning above and beyond our norm will deducted from your security deposit.

Occupancy:  The maximum occupancy is determined by the cottage owner and stated in the description of each cottage.  In most cases it is determined by the bed accommodations - please NO EXCEPTIONS !

Utilities:  Are, of course, included.  We will ask you to please help us keep these costs down. Do not keep your cell phone and other electronics plugged in when not in use. Please help us conserve water. When there is a clothes line provided, please use it - great for beach towels - and your clothes will smell wonderful.  

Telephone: Not many cottages have telephone service - if having a phone is important to you - please be sure to double check with us before making your reservation.  Phone service is for local calls only.

Off Season: Many of our homes are available off season - Spring & Fall  for discounted rates - see our price page or give us a call for a quote - August 27th starts our off season rates.

Internet: Some but not all cottages have wifi.  Understand that most of our owners here come to Bayside to get away - to get unplugged so if Internet is a necessity for you call or email us.

Hold Harmless: Renters agree to protect, indemnify, save and hold Bayside Cottage Rentals LLC, its agents, sub-contractors, invitees, employees and successors or assigns harmless from any and all claims, demands, suites and legal proceedings which may be brought against Bayside Cottage Rentals LLC in the connection with the rental and said property.

Insurance: Many homeowners policies will cover incidents that occure while traveling. Call your agent to discuss your policy's coverage before leaving home.

Gratuity: Our housecleaners work very hard to have your cottage ready and clean for your arrival at 3:00 PM . Please feel free to leave a gratuity as you see appropriate. At the same time if there are any cleaning issues with your cottage, please notify me immediately. Thank you very much.

Fireworks are not legal in Bayside or Northport
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Our Rental Policies
December Moon Rise over Penobsoctt Bay taken from Bay View Park, Bayside
Bayside in 1904
Camden Harbor from Mt. Battie
Now the Gerrity Cottage ! Click here !
The old Hastings Store
next to the Bailey Park Cottage
See the horse coming down Clinton St. ?
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Bayside Dock & Park Row
Please note that
when you use Google Maps ~ it does NOT
show the cottages where there are actually  located. We have found that all the cottage addresses  are inacurately pin pointed by Google - including showing waterfront homes not even on the water and our own address where you check in shows us about 4 miles up a very bumpy dirt road (not true ) .... So please
call us if you would like more description on the actual location of the rental you are looking at on Google.

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One Bay
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The Twiggery

Our availability calendar   is not published
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With  30 houses it's very difficult to keep it exact and up to date
on line each day .

~ Just send us an email or give us a quick call and we will always be happy
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